When Mohammad Rizwan came to the hospital, he was in great pain and was saying the same thing. The way Rizwan recovered is a miracle, the doctor who treated Rizwan told amazing facts.

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The Indian doctor who treated Mohammad Rizwan says that Mohammad Rizwan had a great passion to play in the semi-finals for his nation. He used to say in ICU, “I have to play, I have to stay with the team.”

According to private TV Geo News, in an interview with international media, Dr. Sehir said that Mohammad Rizwan was strong, determined, and confident in ICU, the speed with which he recovered was amazing to me. When Rizwan came to the hospital, his pain was severe so he decided to keep him in the hospital. He stayed in ICU for 35 hours. Lasts from minutes to hours.

He said that it takes weeks to recover from esophageal spasms, so it did not seem certain that Muhammad Rizwan would recover before the semi-finals, but his excellent fitness led to his speedy recovery. Rizwan had nothing in mind but the semi-finals. I examined the injuries of several players. Rizwan recovered very quickly. Mohammad Rizwan also gave his signed Pakistani shirt to Dr. Saheer as a thank you.

It may be recalled that Mohammad Rizwan contracted a severe chest infection on November 9, after which he had to be shifted to a hospital where he spent two nights in ICU.

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