Battlefield 2042: How to Extract in Hazard Zone

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Battlefield 2042: How to Extract in Hazard Zone

With ‘Hazard Zone,’ a mode in which players are tasked with retrieving and extracting Data Drives in return for ‘Dark Market Credits,’ which can be used to purchase weapons and gear the next time you play, Battlefield 2042 introduces a whole new way to play. We’ll show you how to extract Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone in this article so you can get your hands on those valuable goodies.

How to Extract in Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone

When you first start a game of Battlefield 2042’s Hazard Zone, you won’t be able to extract, giving you time to look for Data Drives. These are detailed in the Mission Area Debriefing before deployment and can be located in important map areas. If you choose a Data Drive Scanner as your Gadget, it will display the distance and number of Data Drives in the scanned region. Make sure you’re communicating with your teammates since if everyone on your team is gone, you’ll lose the game.

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Extraction One

Extraction One will commence after a short period of scavenging, and the timer will begin to count down. Extraction One will be marked on the map as ‘E1’, and this is where you’ll need to go to extract the Data Drives you’ve gathered thus far. It will take some time for transportation to come, and adversaries will be following you, so stay alert and don’t travel alone. If you have one, use a Squad Redeploy. Even if you die, you will receive credit for the total number of Drives extracted by the entire squad.

The game will terminate when you and the rest of your squad board the Condor transport. Depending on how many Data Drives your team successfully removed, you’ll be paid Dark Market Credits and EXP. If you miss the first Extraction, Extraction Two will occur approximately five minutes after the first extraction period ends, and it will be your only chance to bank your Drives.

Extraction Two

Extraction Two will be your last chance to get those drives out safely, whether you accidentally missed the first window or are saving up Data Drives. The principle is the same as Extraction 1: arrive at the extraction spot and board the Condor with your entire squad before it departs. When Extraction Two is ready, it will be labeled as ‘E2’ on the map. It’s game over if you don’t get Extraction 2. Although none of the Data Drives you obtained will count, you will still earn XP for achievements such as healing squad members and killing adversaries during the match.

The Dark Market Credits you earn will collect throughout your Battlefield 2042 career and can be spent the next time you play Hazard Zone. More information on how to spend Credits and use weapon attachments can be found in our guide on Using Attachments and Weapons in Hazard Zone.

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